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RenLib is a program which can help you to build a library of renju openings, analysis and played games.

The library is ordered in a tree-structure. In a given position it is possible to see which variants (next moves) are available in the library. Selecting one variant means selecting one branch in the tree and another position is displayed with new variants.

The moves are displayed on a 15x15 grid and the mouse is used to select a variant or add a new move - to go back one move, right click. It is possible to attach comments to each move in the library.

Each game or renju opening can be saved in separate library files, with the possibility to merge library files and to extract a branch in a library tree to a new library file.

Library files included with RenLib
  • I7.lib - Go-Moku sure win opening, also with renju rules. (2076 moves)
  • D4.lib - Go-Moku sure win opening, also with renju rules (3058 moves)
  • AllRenjuOpenings.lib - openings D1-D13 and I1-I13. (39886 moves, Chinese comments)
  • VCF.lib - 31 VCF problems (Victory by Continuous Fours)

RenLib version 3.7    (2008-07-19)  
  • Reading RenjuNet Database (RIF) file.
    See RenjuNet News No. 245, 2008-04-28 and RenjuNet Games about how to download the database.

  • When browser tab has focus, key strokes which normally are interpreted by browser can be ignored and thus passed on to the board.

Click link to download current version:

Click link to download lib files:
  • Oleg A.Mostovlyansky's download page where you can download
    • PBeM games database
    • WC2001/2002-PBeM games databases

RenLib author: Frank Arkbo, Sweden

Image of RenLib