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    1. Statistics function:
      Enter game information, analyze and present statistics about black/white wins, openings, players, tournaments, etc
      Display game information between comments and board.

    2. Publish description of RenLib file format.

    3. Save library in XML format.

    4. Display the one line comment of all end positions (games) in all possible branches containing the same position as the current position.

    5. Change color code scheme regarding variants and make it easier to understand what a color means, by displaying information in a tab. Let the colors indicate the outcome of the branch, that is whether one move is a sure win, advantage or unclear for black and white instead of indicating who is in turn to move, same position found somewhere else or branch change.

    6. The Back Branch command can be removed and let the Back command display an earlier visited position, regardless a branch change occurred or not.

    7. Use down arrow and up arrow to navigate through variants in a well defined manner, like from left to right and top to bottom. When the desired branch is reached the right arrow could be used to go up on that branch. The PageUp and PageDown keys can still be used for the Up and Down commands.

    8. Make is possible to keep rotation state (turn/reflect) for a position, so it will be displayed the same way the next time.

    9. Make it possible to have a general commment for the whole library, which can be editied in any position. Such a comment could be displayed in a separate tab folder.

    10. Make it possible for Convert To Standard handle gomoku openings.

    11. To make a renju problem, it is only necessary to display a small area of the board where there are stones and no coordinates are needed. Make it possibly to save such an image of the position, possibly magnified.

    12. Improve User Interface by introducing a concept of "style" or "skin", like winamp or windows media player. Users can make changes of interface in any details (like the current way),they can also change the style of whole interface (this means Renlib should give some styles in advance) and they can make styles of themselves (maybe Renlib can have a function help users make styles).

    13. Multi line comment should support html and javascript

    14. Use hyperlinks to navigate between positions in the same library.

    15. Configuration of the least number of moves a game must contain to be accepted by read command.

    16. The command Auto Find Same Position is superfluous and can be removed.
      The function is already controlled by Show Autolink Variants.

    17. Auto find similar position.

    18. Make it possible to show move numbers only after a designated position.

    19. Find and replace function for comments.

    20. Change position of a move which was placed wrong in a long sequence, for example move 20 of 50.

    21. Unify symmetrical positions in a library, i.e. merge branches that contains symmetrical positions.

    22. Save library in compressed format to save disk space, because in future lib files will become larger and larger.

    23. Start a project at, Open Source software development website, to make a Java version of RenLib.

    24. Open several libraries in several boards and windows

    25. When the mouse pointer is moved over a variant circle, show tool tip text, which is the comment written for the move.

    26. Read and write BlackStone opening library.

    27. Many software use .lng files to control languages of version, so maybe Renlib can use this function. It is not necessary for an individual chinese version or other version to be implemented.

    28. Use hyperlinks to a position in another library file.

    29. Copy/Move branch between libraries using "copy/cut-and-paste".

    30. Find same or similar positions in other libraries.

    31. Play game online over internet

    32. Make a RenLibHelp.chm to replace RenLib User's Guide html file

    33. Make it possible to use a plug-in for customized functionality.

    34. Make a Go version of RenLib.

    35. Make an Othello version of RenLib.